Justice for Mary

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Justice for Mary

Mary is a 60-year old senior who despite her own significant health issues, works as a caregiver for elderly clients. As a caregiver, she drives from home to home helping seniors with daily living activities. Mary contacted Land of Lincoln because of significant debt, including her car payment, which ate up nearly half of her take-home pay.


In the past decade, Mary has dealt with scarring of her lungs from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis in both her hands, undergone two back surgeries, and continues to have severe tremors in her right hand that remain unexplained. While trying to pay for her medical debts and car payment, she had to give up living on her own because she couldn’t pay her rent and utility bills. She was forced to move back in with her ex-husband to try and make ends meet. She was also locked into a predatory car loan for a 2001 Buick Century. She still owed over $12,000 for a 17-year old car that was sold to her without a working odometer. Her car payment was $470 a month. She had to continue to pay on the car, because without it, she would lose her job and be unable to keep her medical appointments.

Land of Lincoln assisted Mary by filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Our attorney filed a Motion to Redeem the car, citing that it was only worth $150. She argued that it was an older car and should have never been sold to Mary without a working odometer. As a result, Mary redeemed her car for $150. This freed up $470 a month to pay for day-to-day needs including rent. The bankruptcy also offered her the opportunity to reapply for utilities. Our attorney helped her apply for food stamps, and also provided her with a list of low-income housing options in her community.  Mary is thrilled with the results, and for the first time in a very long time, she can begin to live independently without fear of losing her job or car.

“Land of Lincoln has helped me get everything in order and has eliminated a lot of my stress.” – Mary